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Repairs and refurbishments

Liner Replacement

  • Removal and installation of liner, wall foam, gaskets return jets and main drain cover
  • Custom measured liner


  • Repair or replace Hayward, Pentair, Veriable Speed Pumps


Acid Wash

Sand Filters

Salt Systems

Pool Maintenance

Year Round Service:


  • Remove winter cover
  • Drain or fill pool to proper level
  • Replace all return fittings
  • Start up winterized pool equipment
  • Balance Chlorine and PH levels
  • Vacuum swimming pool
  • Price includes Two trips if needed.

Maintaining-Weekly Service

  • Net off surface of pool
  • Clean out all strainers
  • Vacuum bottom of pool
  • Polish tile line
  • Balance water chemistry
  • Rinse off pool deck
  • Filter service as needed.

(monthly charge-price includes all chemicals needed to properly maintain your swimming pool)


  • Clean pool
  • Drain water level in pool below skimmer
  • Blow out all plumbing
  • Winter shock and algaecide
  • Install winter cover